Welcome to a world beyond the first impression! With TEMA, every day is a favorite day. Our Swedish-speaking tour guides not only offer knowledge and solid experience, they have a passion that gives you the opportunity to experience what makes the moments intense and unique. That which creates memories worth saving. We can leave the fleeting at home, here adventure and a world beyond first impressions await.

Our little-known tour guides are not just traveling encyclopedias. They have the ability to impart their knowledge, to fascinate, touch and put the details into a living story. Maybe that’s why they usually get 9.32 on a 10-point scale in the average rating of travelers. When our tour guides do not work for us, you can e.g. find them in a teacher’s room, at a newspaper editorial office or with a camera around your neck out in the jungle.

To the left you will find a selection of our tour guides. Who will lead your journey can not be guaranteed in advance, but whoever leads your journey will give you an insight into another country’s culture. Welcome!

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